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Your conception about learning to trade


Trading School “Fair Deal” –performs as independent third party company between teachers and students. Which monitors trading training process and lifts services to a new level of quality.

Most people want to learn to trade and avoid to get into the hands of scammers. And even the tutor’s reputation for the good achievements in the past does not guarantee that today he and his trading methods are effective.

Thanks to the school, the students have an opportunity to learn trade in most efficiently, profitably and safely way at the financial markets, while teachers have an opportunity to express their trading quality and becoming popular school teacher!

 Choose your teacher and –  OFFER HIM A FAIR DEAL  

“Fair Deal” - it is service school which will soon become the most popular service and for this service is very large demand. Students like the fact that here they will be guided from traders who able to actually show how to make money in the financial markets, and will prove this with real result, thereby covering the costs of training.

Fair deal – it is a totally new approach to learning, where deception can`t even be.


Learn to trade on the best conditions with the best traders!

Look behind the curtains of trading, find how to actually operate the traders, access to the world of professional trading with the teacher and get quality training on very beneficial terms!

We are the first who have done to learn in such way!
We have no equals in learning theenvironment and we do not copy others.

Check your tutor!

Invite him to train at trading school on condition of the fair deal and get to know if he will pass a quality control or not!

Learning through trading school on terms “Fair Deal”, you can get training with any chosen teacher andunder our protection, we eliminating all risks!


What guarantees gives the school to students?


We constantly monitor the relevance of teachers. Learning at our school you can always be sure for tutor’s qualification. If he's on our team, then he is worth it and to learn under his supervision for that moment


While learning through the “Fair Deal” you’ll get not only relevant market knowledges and practical skills but also you can make enough money to cover training expenses!


Trading School controls teacher account. If the teacher is not able to fulfil his obligations to you, the school refunds you the full sum of funds at the expense of teachers.

How does a “Fair Deal” works?

1. Choose a school teacher with who you would like to learn from, or invite teacher to work through our school on the conditions of “Fair Deal”.

2. The teacher holds you free of charge first introductory lesson. At this point, you will get to know the teacher, familiarize how he behaves in the market as the trader, and then decide for yourself if he fits you as a teacher and his methods to trade..

3. After right teacher was chosen, you going to transfer, under the control of the school, the amount needed to pay for education.

4. School takes control of these fund, ensuring their safety and will transfer into the controlled account of the teacher, that he would comply with his obligations.

5. Teacher is given at least 3 months on your training. We do not support an idea of courses designed for 2-3 weeks because in that
time period you do not have time to qualitatively understand even with the support of a mentor.

6. The teacher commits to give you the necessaryknowledge in the theoretical part.

7. In a practical part, the teacher is committed to hold you no less than 10 classes in which you trade with him. Understand how to apply the knowledge gained in the theoretical part of the course, you can only experience as a teacher using their profitability in the market. The schedule of these online lessons, the teacher with the student discussed individually.

8. After completing the course, 50% of the gain by the teacher through thatperiod, the school assigned to you in accordance with your share of resources on the teacher's account.

This is a “Fair Deal”, because during training you as a student acting as an investor for the teacher, and therefore you have the right to receive part of the profit as a partial or full coverage of the expenses for training.

In other words, the teacher makes money for your training using your money under the control of the school.

Upon completion of training you will get back the entire amount, previously transferred under the control of the school, deduct only the cost of the training course, which did not manage to cover the teacher. In this way, the cost of the course is more accessible, or even completely free.

9. After completing the course, the teacher is obliged to give you he`s support, at least for 6 months, in the form of tips about the market during the trading, analysis of interesting situations, transactions, error detection, and search solutions.

Generally, as a result of training by “Fai Deal”:

- Teacher will receivethe payment for your tuition upon successful completion, to show you in fact, that you can and you need to make money in the market.

- You have received quality trading education with all the guarantees at a much lower cost than has been declared, in some cases totally for free as well you experienced everything in action through the practice period. Because a teacher made some profits, for your education, just in front of you and you do not have any doubts that trading methods - technique works, you've got all the answers, while trade with the teacher felt it as it should be and fully prepared to become successful trader.Because now you have seen and know what it means to be a trader! In addition, you now have the opportunity to receive support fromyour teachers at least for six months.


Invite teachers to teach you through the "Fair Deal" trading school and get the guaranteed best training from the best traders who pass quality control!

FAQ “Fair Deal”

What if the teacher at the end of the training period has losses?
How does the school give students a guarantee?
Can you cover training costs fully or not
I'm not comfortable / uncomfortable to transfer a large amount of money for training. Is it possible for a teacher to teach me on my trading
account under my own control, but with school guarantees that if the teacher would have a loss on my account, the school will have to compensate me for all losses as described by conditionsof a “Fair Deal”?
Can I continue to cooperate with the teacher after the course that he could continue to manage my money under school control?
What warranties can the school give, something that tutors train and what is working at the moment?
Can I receive the training in class or I can do it in distant??
Which trading platform is used during the practice?
Can I pay for the course partly?
Can I get records of the lessons at the end of training?

How to transfer the amount for training under the control of the school?

Apply, and our support department will provide you with a contract for the student, which you will need to sign and will transfer the amount for the courseby one from three options.

Option №1 -  open a trading account through the trading school with a broker, with whom we have a contract, and to fill it to the required amount. Transactions from one account to another are carried out quickly and without commissions.

Option №2 -  by bank transaction to the school account.

Option №3 - transfer via electronic payment systems.

  Teachers are invited and wanted   to our team

Our team – is a quality!

We are surrounding people around us who can show to the students practically the result and not those who are able just speak in financial terms.

Being a tutor of a trading school   – means to be that whom you can trust!

You don’t have enough people for training, do you?
We are ready to give you students who are looking for high-quality and safety training. So, if you are ready to train on condition of school – then we are waiting for you in our tutor’s team.

There is a high demand for such training, because it’s profitable and safety for students.

Are you ready to declare quality of your skills and become a school tutor?

How to become a tutor of trading school?

We do not accept you previous trading statistic. It’s important for us that you can earn now and can show results it to the student during the train!

1.Open an account through the school.

2.Trade on the best conditions for a month.

3.In case of positive statistic results based on inspection month you will fill up a small form where you note facts about your training. For getting a form contact the skype-support “”.

4.After filled the form you’ll get a tutor-student contract to your e-mail which must be signed and sent back to e-mail

5.After getting a signed contract from you our manager will add you to the list of tutors.

Congratulations! You became a tutor of the trading school!  Now the school will give you students for training them by school`s fair deal rules.  

The school interest is 20% from the tutor-student agreement.

You don’t agree with the new terms of our students, do you?

What is confusing you? Are you being a tutor can’t fulfill such simple obligations under the student? So why are you training at all?


Our teachers teaching quality not inferior to anyone, they are honest with you.They are confident in the relevance and efficiency of those strategies that are teaching for. It gives them a result, and they are ready to share their experiences with youand taking all risk for your education.So, where do you learn to trade?



Trading Time Frame: DayTrading

Support after course:Yes
Students live chat: Yes
Prop - Trading: No

Course Price: 1 000 USD
Invest: 2 000 USD

Studding classes:By agreement
Duration of the course:3 months

Student Account:2 accounts from 1 000 USD

Language teaching: RUS ENG LIT


Fair deal between manager and investor

The portfolio manager who trades on funds of investor must take a responsibility for his actions and the investor`s drawdown is out of the question. The portfolio manager should be responsible for the consequences by himself, not his investor.

Who is the fund portfolio managers?

The fund is managed by traders who reserved the sum of their risk at the trading school.

How many finances could the fund take?

Trading school fund can take under control the sum which overtops the sum of all reserved fund portfolio manager’s finances not more than x10.

At the moment the fund can put up:


(the fund temporally do not accept investments because it’s already fully occupied and there are no free reserved finances)

Minimum market entry threshold for investor:

5 000 USD

All risks portfolio managers take upon themselves!

How to become a portfolio manager of the fund?

1.if you are the tutor of our trading school then you can skip this paragraph. In all other cases you need to contact to the skype-support “” and to provide the trading statistic for the last 6 months. Also you need to provide the amount of money which you are planning to reserve for the risk. We will consider your request and our managers will contact you. And will specify the account parameters and amount which school is ready to give you under your management. If this offer suits you, you will be able to get through to the second paragraph

2.Reserve the amount sum of you risk at trading school.

3.The school gives you an account and after that you will be able to begin to trade.

4.When you make a profit as the result of trading the school will transfer 70% of this result to your account.

5.When getting a full drawdown which is equal to the reserved risk amount sum access to the account will be detached and the reserved risk amount sum will be transferred to the account which you controlled to cover your losses.

Conditions for fund investments

1.Joining and leaving are carry out one time in3 month

2.Investor’s profit payment is 25% from gross - net profit

3.Profit withdraw executable monthly.

School interest

5% from the fund success.

If you didn’t find interesting terms of training or you want to become a tutor on conditions which are interesting exactly for you, then we ask you to let us know about it through filling a special form. Maybe your training view to become famous soon and you will be the first who train this way and complete it.


Specify what training do you want to apply for


Specify the main parameters of your training

Still have any questions?

Let us know about that

 Training materials about trading  

Here our tutors put on up-to-date and interesting information about trading on financial markets.
Have a look, maybe you’ll find the information which you have been looking for so long and couldn’t find!

Fully studied our resource and did not find out nothing usefull?

Than suggest your conditions which will be more effective and we will try to provide it to you with great pleasure!

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